Sunday, November 9, 2014

First Vinyl Project

I just recently made my first vinyl project.  My best friend from college, University of Alabama, had a birthday recently.  I made her a sign to put on her desk.  I found the idea online from a t-shirt.  I loved the saying and knew that she would too.  I bought a wooden plague at Walmart and covered it in Gesso to prime it and make it white.  The Explore cut the vinyl perfect on the vinyl setting.  I even layered the vinyl on one part.  Thanks to videos on YouTube, it was pretty easy.  Well, easy, might be pushing it.  I was scared to death to work with vinyl, but I only had one issue.  I knew it was going to good.  When I was pulling the scrap vinyl off I dropped it and it laid back down on some of the letters and stuck.  I had to recut one part, but I got it all to line up the way I wanted it.  So, lesson learned.  The Alabama A was a svg that I made through inkscape with a jpeg.  You can truly do about anything with the Explore.  Then add some bling and sealer to cover and protect everything and then it was ready to wrap.  She loved it.  I am glad.  Next vinyl project is going to be iron on for a t-shirt,

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