Thursday, November 27, 2014

My First Mini Album

I just finished my first mini album.  Last weekend I took an all day class with Cara Miller.  She is an amazing teacher.  Her website is  Everyone should check her out.  She is offering monthly classes on different things.  It is called Cricut U.  I am already signed up for Decembers class.

I will admit.  It took me a while to lay out the design.  Made a few mistakes, but I figured it out.  After I was happy with the layout, then came time to cut.  Well, had a few issues with that too.  I never could get the candy cane to cut out at this size currently.  It was to late to change the page layout for it.  I fixed it by drawing in the lines and coloring it in.

Hope everyone likes it.

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone

Just wanted to drop a quick post to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone.  Hope you have a great day, full of family, good food, and great memories.  Be safe, there is a lot of crazy weather out there.   For those planning their shopping routes, may you find a parking space up front and everything that you are shopping for.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

So Excited

I am so excited. Today I am going to be doing an all day Cricut class. I am going to Cricut University on Cara Millers web site. It should be amazing. She is a very good teacher. She has free classes every Tuesday and Wednesday on different things. They are great. She is now going to be doing one of these University Days every month. Will post later what I learn and make. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Something Cricky

I was just looking around my room and saw something that I made that I don't think that I have ever posted on my blog. I saw this somewhere and asked for the pattern. I had to make him. I may change the frame that it is in. Hope you like him.  A cross stitched Cricut.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


I recently posted my first vinyl project.  I have a few more on the burner.  I am building up the courage and planning them.  I just wanted to say that anyone in the market for vinyl should check out their local sign shops.  I did.  I have been to two so far.  One even has other people coming for their scraps for their Cricuts.  You can get a great deal.  I recently found a new shop, haven't hit them up yet.  They are on my radar.   Here is a picture of my haul from the two that I have hit so far.  Some are big sheets and very long.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


I have found something that I have really enjoyed doing.  I found a group on Facebook that does monthly swaps.  It is called Cameo and Cricut Swaps.  I highly recommend that you join if you are interested in seeing other people work and exchanging with them.  The group has just went though a manager switch has helped to smooth things out.  This past months swaps went so smoothly and everything was exchanged correctly and quickly.

  I have learned so much.  I have done 3 months of swaps and one extra for covering for someone I meet in the group that lives in my same county.  I would have never known that I had someone else that close if I hadn't signed up for this group.  I have done two Disney swaps, Girl Scouts, dining out, hiking, baking, band, snow day, birthday, thanksgiving, patriotic, Halloween, football, fish, and these are just the ones that I have signed up for and done.  There are always a list of topics to pick from.  This month I am doing a hello kitty, Christmas, kitchen, and western/barnyard.  It is so much fun knowing that you have a package coming with other peoples work.  Seeing what other people do is neat and you learn so much.  There are so many talented people out there. 

Here are some pics of what I have done and what I received back. 

Disney Swap

Disney Return

Dining Out
Dining Out Return

Football Swap
Football Return

Fish Return

Girl Scout

Girl Scout Return

Halloween Return

Hiking Return


Disney Return


Band Return


Birthday Return

Patriotic Return


Snow Day Return
Snow Day

Thanksgiving Return



Baking Return

Birthday Return


Thanksgiving Return

First Vinyl Project

I just recently made my first vinyl project.  My best friend from college, University of Alabama, had a birthday recently.  I made her a sign to put on her desk.  I found the idea online from a t-shirt.  I loved the saying and knew that she would too.  I bought a wooden plague at Walmart and covered it in Gesso to prime it and make it white.  The Explore cut the vinyl perfect on the vinyl setting.  I even layered the vinyl on one part.  Thanks to videos on YouTube, it was pretty easy.  Well, easy, might be pushing it.  I was scared to death to work with vinyl, but I only had one issue.  I knew it was going to good.  When I was pulling the scrap vinyl off I dropped it and it laid back down on some of the letters and stuck.  I had to recut one part, but I got it all to line up the way I wanted it.  So, lesson learned.  The Alabama A was a svg that I made through inkscape with a jpeg.  You can truly do about anything with the Explore.  Then add some bling and sealer to cover and protect everything and then it was ready to wrap.  She loved it.  I am glad.  Next vinyl project is going to be iron on for a t-shirt,

First Explore Project

This is my first project with my Explore.  I made a Father's Day box card for my cousin.  It is also my first box card.  Fred Flintstone was a svg that I downloaded off the internet.  I do not remember where I found him.  The martini glass is from the Mixed Drinks Digital set and movie ticket is from the Movie Night Digital set.  The Fathers Day emblem is from the Father's Day cartridge. 

I really have to update my cartridge list.  I know that I currently have about 200 digital and physical cartridges.  I also have the monthly subscription on  So, I guess that I basically have almost all cartridges, that is as long as I continue to pay.  LOL.  Oh, and in true fashion, I have downloaded tons and tons of free svgs to cut.  I have also bought a few.  Haven't really tried any of them yet.  I plan on it soon though. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Starting the Year Off With A New Toy

Yes, a new toy would be another Cricut machine.  I ordered the Explore on launch day on HSN.  To say that I love it is an understatement.  It is an amazing machine.  It cuts so great.  I love being able to cut anything and now with print to cut it is even better.  I hope that I am not the only person that took pics of the UPS man bringing my machine.  It is crazy to also have pics of the tracking and pics from the warehouse.  Ok, I am crazy. 

The Warehouse.  Which one is MINE. 

Next tracking.  Where oh where is my baby.

Here is my special Santa, well my UPS man.  He wasn't camera shy, so I must not be the only one that takes pics of him as he delivers.

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