Saturday, June 23, 2012

A New Craft Table Favorite

While helping to plan my class reunion, I have reconnected with a friend from school.  She sells Scentsy Products.   They are wonderful.  You can check out her site on the Scentsy website,  Anyway, they sell all kinds of lotion, car fragrances, and warmers.  I bought a green one and of course had to put a pink cricut on it.  I am in love with two of there fragrances.  One is Coconut Lemongrass and the other is Skinny Dippin.  I even got some lotion that is Coconut Lemongrass called Layers.  It is amazing on my dry skin.  Anyway, enough of that.  The warmer sits on my computer desk.  It is so cool, no tealight, it has a light bulb and a switch on the cord that you just flip on.  Of course, I used Everyday for the cricut head.  

Combo Project

This is a combination of two projects basically for the same person.  A lady that my mother works with had a birthday and an anniversary at the same time.  They got married on her birthday.  I made them an anniversary card and her a birthday card.  She loves chocolate, so she had to have a box full of chocolate.  I used my new Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More 2 cartridge along with some sparkle card stock that I found at Big Lot's.

Here is the Anniversary card first.  For the phrase I used the Phrases cartridge. The glasses and bottle were some die cuts that I had from a wedding pack.

 Here is the birthday card and box.

 Chocolate coins. Yummy.

 Isn't this some fun paper.  Always check out Big Lot's paper packs.  They have glitter paper alot.  Just remember to cut it twice or you will have a headache.  Trust me on this.

I am a Bad Girl!

Sorry that I haven't been posting.  Life is getting in the way.  I have been crafting.  I am working on several things.  When I can download the camera, I will have several things to post.  I am working on some stuff for my 25th high school reunion.  I am making a memory book for everyone.  It is neat.  I get to use my Cinch2 in full force.  Besides working on the reunion stuff, my mother got sick.  She had blood poisoning.  She is 76.  Her fever went up to 106.9.  It has been a ruff month and a half.  Did I mention that she is one of the worst patients ever.  I do have a bad update, until she got sick I had six months of not smoking, well, on the second trip behind the ambulance, I started smoking again.  I have been smoking for a month.  I am getting ready to try again and lay them down.  Wish me luck again.

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