Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Great Cause

I would like to talk to you about a great event that happens once a year in Knoxville Tennessee. It is called the Fantasy of Trees. It happens every year in November, the week of Thanksgiving. It is a benefit to help the best of places, East Tennessee Children's Hospital!!! What this event is, is a celebration of the spirit and love of Christmas. People from all over donate things to be auctioned off for the benefit. Also, people decorate trees, platforms, wreaths, and fire places! Just anything you can imagine about Christmas is there. All of these items are decorated at the expense of the donor to be sold during the event.
This past year I was asked to help decorate a tree with my best friend! I love decorating trees. It also has a special meaning. She was doing it in memory of her niece that passed away a few years ago from cancer. Her name was Jessie and she was a special little girl taken to soon at the age of 10.


We did the tree in her favorite colors, teal and turquoise! So, the tree ended up being a peacock tree! We bought beautiful ornaments and I made some with real feathers. I also made the topper with feathers. The tree was made with love, memories, and friendship.

It came down to the wire, but our tree did sell! I was able to actually meet the people that bought our tree! They were so excited about the tree and I got to tell them about Jessie. It made it so extra wonderful.
The New Owners of "Pretty as a Peacocok"

Now, onto other news! We are planning on doing another tree this year! We want to do a tree on the theme "Christmas from Around the World." So, anyone in a different country, or has an ornament from a different country and you would like to donate it! Please email me at jhaun519@att.net, subject fantasy of trees! Thanks you so much!!

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