Monday, January 14, 2013

25th High School Reunion

I have to admit, that is hard to say.  I have been out of high school over 25 years.  The reunion was last summer.  I went crafting nuts to help.  Not everything is made with my Cricut, but some things are.  I am so proud of everything that I was able to make.  It took months to get everything ready.  I am happy to report that everyone that attended loved everything.

I made centerpieces for the tables,  a sign, and special printed tickets.  I also made a memory book.  It had info from each year we were in school and info about each year of our 10 and 20 year reunions.  I also had memory pages about proms, class trips, and band trips.  I also put an address book in the back that had the addresses, email address, and facebook info, or what ever we had for everyone in my class that graduated.  There was about 220 of us.  Each book was probably about 60 pages.  I did all the printing at home.  I cut everything with my paper cutter.  I made about 50 of them for the main night reunion.  It also contained about 600 pictures that I put on a DVD.  It was a slide show of everything we could find from high school.  We sold ads to help cover the cost of the book.  I got to use my Cinch2 binder.  I used it to punch and holes and bind the edge.  I got really good at making a uniform bind.  It is an amazing machine.  If you do not have one, I suggest that you get one.  You can make so many things.  I bought the wire in bulk on Amazon.

 Here is the centerpieces that I made.  I stole the concept from the circle meet up that I went to back at the first of last year.

Here is the main sign.  We used this for the main night event and our picnic.
Here are the tickets that I made.  One for singles, one for couples, and one for teachers.

And last but not least.  Here is my master piece.  THE BOOK.

The Machine that made this possible.

Each page cut and ready to have holes punched and put together in order.

 Holes punched and put in order, ready to have wire put in.  Had offers of help for this part, but the one machine does the holes and put the wire in, so kind of a one person job.

Master Piece--Finished Book

 55 books, finished, bound, and packed to go to the Reunion!!!!



  1. Wow! I can't believe you did all of those! That is awesome and they look great! Your tickets, centerpieces, and sign look great too! They must have loved having you on the committee!!

  2. I am thinking of trying to put together some type of book for my 25th reunion but I am looking for information on what all was included and how did you go about getting all the information, did you have people buy them?? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,


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