Sunday, March 4, 2012

Circle Meeting

To say that my first circle meeting was exciting is an understatement.  As everyone knows, yesterday was a very stormy day.  Mother Nature tried to crash our party, but we didnt let her in.  Besides, she is not in the circle. She probably has a Silhouette Cameo LOL.  We even hid in the hallway for about 30 minutes so she could not find us.  Besides the weather, I had a blast.  The people are amazing and so tallented.  I love the store Archivers.  I really wish we had one in East Tennessee.  The people were so nice, helpful, and very concerned about making sure that we were safe.  The meeting was 162 miles from my house.  I would gladly drive it again to go to another meeting.  There was about 30 of us there.  We exchanged calling cards and I won $25 dollars from ProvoCraft.  I am so exciting, already know what I am going to get.  To top the night off, Archivers had the blade refills for my YourStory paper cutter.  I could have turned cartwheels.  Well, now they are out.  I bought all they had on the shelf.  Then on the way home, which took 4 hours due to the weather, I got a Cricut Lite on clearance at Walmart for $20.  It was so neat to meet people that I have seen on the messageboards and followed.  It was kind of like meeting the superstars of the "Hollywood" world, but in the Cricut World. Talk about tallent.  Some of the stuff I saw was great.  People bringing there machines. One girl absolutely amazing me, she brought her Imagine.   We did a make and take from Archivers and one from Provocraft.  I didnt get that that one completely finished. I needed to wait till I got home.  I will post pics of it tomorrow.  Here are some pics from the crop.
Here is the Archivers in Marietta, GA.

Here is the calling cards that I traded for.

Here I am at my first circle meeting.

Here is everyone hiding in the hall from Mother Nature.
Here is my make n take in pieces.  The finished project pic to come later.
What could this possibly be, huh, box of salt, green cloves, anybody seen any blue diamonds?
Will post finished project later.
And finally get to pay attention to the wonderful lady in the Circle that fought Mother Nature to play with paper and glue.
Keep crafting.

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  1. Jolene,
    It was so nice meeting you at the circle crop this weekend. It was pretty adventurous to say the least. Hope to see you again at the next one around the Southeast area!


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