Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Spending the Forth Traveling

I am posting from on the road.  I am currently on a trip to travel West.  Today we have traveled from East Tennessee to Le Roy, Illinois.  I have never been in this part of the United States.  It is truly amazing.  Tomorrow the plan is to continue North and veer towards South Dakota.  We are planning to see Mt Rushmore, the Badlands, and continue on to Wyoming and Yellowstone.  I am really excited.  It will be so cool being there on or right after the Forth of July.  We did have some excitement today.  Can you believe this, I found a stowaway in my camera bag.  Cricky, I guess he wanted to go too.  He has been right in the middle of all the action today.  Here are a few pics of what he has been up to today.
Here is when Cricky was discovered.

Cricky enjoying a beautiful day.

He even took a test ride on a Harley.

Of course, this was before he  took the Suburban for a spin around the parking lot.

Cricky cooling down on the road.
Cricky stopping to smell the flowers.

And Finally, Nite Nite time.

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